Wednesday, 6 April 2016

April's Manchester Bi News

Our April bulletin has been landing in people's email inboxes and here it is on a web page. With news of the Bi Book Awards, bi songs, bisexual meetups in Manchester and more

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  1. I just came out as bisexual to my family via text message. They are all at work and won't respond for a while. I am freaking out, but I think/hope it will be ok. I'm more worried about how coming out to the gay community has been. Why does the gay community hate us? Why are we ostracized by a group who is ostracized themselves? It doesn't seem fair. I can't "pick a side" any more than u can choose to be straight. They hate us. Atleast in my limited recent experience it has been. Am I wrong? I thought when I finally came out there would be a group of people there with open arms to greet me. Instead I'm just not gay enough to be welcome. I'm the nosebleed section of the show; you're here, but u belong waaaaaay over there and by the way u suck. Where are the people who feel like me? I'm new at this and lost and scared